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Hearing & Balance Resources

Hearing Loss / Deafness
American Academy of Audiology
American Speech-Language and Hearing Association
Association of Dispensing Audiologists
Better Hearing Institute
League for Hard of Hearing
Minnesota Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
      - MN DHHSD Telephone Equipment Distribution Program
National Association of the Deaf
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Self Help for the Hard of Hearing
Service Dogs in Minnesota
Sight & Hearing Association

Children with Hearing Loss
Alexander Graham Bell Association
Beginnings, Inc.
Listen Up
Hearing Aids and Children
Hearing Aids and Children
Hearing Aids, FM Systems and Children
Hearing Exchange
Minnesota Family Support Links
Minnesota Hands & Voices

Cochlear Implants
Advanced Bionics
Cochlear Implant Club, International
Cochlear, Inc.
Med-El Implants
NIDCD Information

Dizziness and Balance Information
American Institute of Balance/Dr. R. Gans
Vestibular Disorders Association
UCSD Information About BPPV

Noise Exposure
Council for Accredidation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

American Tinnitus Association
League for Hard of Hearing
Tinnitus and Hypercusis Information

Research/Etiology and Public/Government
Minnesota Department of Health - Audiologist Licensing
State of Minnesota - Infant Hearing Screening
State of Minnesota - Health Professionals Service Program
Minnesota Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division
      MN DHHSD Telephone Equipment Distribution Program
Girls and Boystown National Research Hospital
CDC: Connexin 26
Deafness Research Foundation
Gallaudet College Research

*Any links or information provided or omitted on these pages is not to be construed as an endorsement or lack thereof by the Minnesota Academy of Audiology.

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