See MAA at the MN State Fair

The Minnesota Academy of Audiology (MAA) is proud to sponsor a booth at the Health Fair 11 at the Fair exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair. (Health Fair 11 at the Fair offers free and low-cost health checks and health education and information to fairgoers.) For several years now, MAA volunteer Audiologists have staffed a booth and offered the audiological services for a small fee. In previous years we have offered:

Video Otoscopy Exam

MAA Audiologists use a video otoscope to show visitors their own eardrum on a TV and inspect the health of your ear canal and eardrum. Yes, you may see some earwax but don’t worry, it is natural for everyone to have in their ear canal.

Hearing Screenings

Our audiologist will perform a brief screening of your hearing in a small booth. Due to background noise in the building and time limitations, a full diagnostic test is not possible. However, if the audiologist is concerned about hearing loss, he or she will recommend you be seen for a full diagnostic test at an audiologist’s office near you.

MAA booth location at the fair

The MAA booth is located at the intersection of Dan Patch and Cooper. The Minnesota State Fair is always 12 days of fun ending Labor Day. The 2017 MN State Fair dates are August 24-September 4, 2017.

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