Outstanding Achievement in Audiology

This award is for individuals who have made truly outstanding contributions in one or more of the following areas: audiology, research, clinical practice, education or service. This award is given to audiologists who have displayed exceptional dedication and commitment to their patients, educators who have had a profound impact on their students, or researchers who have enlightened us with their wisdom and insight. This award focuses on the audiologist's overall performance and impact in the workplace, and reflects the respect and admiration of colleagues for the professionalism and passion of the recipient.

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Previous Awards
2018   Linda Murrans, M.A.
2017   Mary Meier, Au.D.
2016   Wendy Davis, Au.D.
2015   Christopher D. Bauch, Ph.D.
2012   Kathy Kerst, M.A.
2011   Jane Carlstrom, Au.D.
2010   Barbara Friedman, Au.D.
2009   David Geddes, Au.D.
2008   Vicki Anderson, Au.D.
2007   Pat Rice, M.A.
2006   Sue Feinstein, M.A.
2005   Charles Stone, Au.D.
2004   Rena Glaser
2003   Gail Anderson, Ph.D.
2002   Richard Brown, M.A.
2001   Julie Klosterman, M.S.
1999   Frank M. Lassman, Ph.D.
1998   W. Dixon Ward, Ph.D. (posthumously)

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