Gloria Gross Scholarship


This Minnesota Academy of Audiology scholarship was inspired by Gloria Gross’s commitment to the profession of Audiology, which was first awarded in 2005. Gloria Gross was a pillar in pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Audiology Clinic for many years; she then worked with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and families at the Hearing Society of Minnesota. Gloria served as a role model and mentor for those entering our field. Above all, she was a passionate advocate of our profession and fiercely defended our scope of practice and autonomy. 

Who is Eligible?

The Gloria Gross Scholarship is awarded annually to a high school senior, who is deaf or hard-of-hearing, planning to attend a post-secondary institution. The student must be nominated by a Fellow of the Minnesota Academy of Audiology (MAA). The scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to a high school senior with hearing impairment to help continue their education. The scholarship can be provided to one or more students, as determined by the Academy. 

How To Nominate a Student

Each scholarship application has two parts:

  • a short essay from the nominating audiologist describing why he/she is nominating this student. Nomination Form 

The application deadline is May 31 each year. Scholarships are awarded in late summer at the MAA booth during the Minnesota State Fair. If chosen, the recipient must provide proof of enrollment in their school or university prior to receiving the scholarship funds. Each MAA Fellow is allowed to nominate more than one high school senior per year.

Nominate             Student Reponse            Donate

How to Support the Scholarship

New in 2018, donations can be made online using the Donate link.  The scholarship has historically been funded by the Silent Auction at the Academy’s Upper Midwest Audiology Conference, held during the winter season. The MAA Audiology Awareness Committee organizes the Silent Auction. To support the continuation of the scholarship, items can be donated to the Silent Auction or you can bid on items while attending the conference. Since its inception in 2005, MAA has awarded over $6,500 in scholarships to deserving applicants.

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