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This award goes to individuals who have made truly outstanding contributions to the Academy. Such contributions include serving as president of MAA, being involved in a variety of boards, committees and projects that help promote the vision of the Academy, organizing and planning MAA events and meetings, and spearheading political agendas for the Academy. The individuals nominated for this award must have displayed a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to furthering the goals of the Academy and to promoting to the public an understanding of the role Audiologists play in diagnosing and treating hearing problems.

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Previous Awards

2024  Rebecca Younk, Au.D.
2023  Kristi Albers, Au.D.

2022  Kerry Witherell, Au.D.

2021   Cynthia Hogan, Au.D.

2020   John Tunnell, Au.D.

2019   Ashley Hughes, Au.D.
2018   Kirsten Coverstone, Au.D.
2017   Jason Galster, Ph.D.
2016   Jenne Tunnell, Au.D.
2015   Shanna L. Allen, Au.D.
2014   Melissa A. Ferrello, Au.D.
2013   Shilpi Banerjee, Ph.D.
2012   John A Coverstone, Au.D.
2011   Sarah Kahley, Au.D.
2010   Emily Farmer, Au.D.
2009   Joscelyn Martin, Au.D.

2008   Blake Strand, Au.D.
2007   Josie Helmbrecht, Au.D.
2006   Janet Hansen, Au.D.
2005   Shirley Fors, M.A.
2004   Julie Perreault, Au.D.
2003   Gloria Gross
2002   Samira Anderson, Au.D.
2001   Ann Allen, M.S.
2000   Lisa M. Hunter, Ph.D.
1999   Ann P. Napp, Au.D.
1998   Robert Margolis, PhD

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