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Leadership Retreat

  • 29 Apr 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Mills City Museum: Updated Room - ADM Room (6th Floor)
Location Address:

704 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Link to Leadership Retreat Report:


Leadership Retreat Agenda


  • 1.      Dr. Jennifer Reside: Introduction-What we hope to accomplish today.  Introducing Nic.  Thanking Melanie for her hard work. 
  • 2.      Dr. Rebecca Younk (GRC)- Thoughts on talking with the MDH Commissioner about audiology reimbursement
  • 3.      Dr. Rebecca Younk &/or Dr. Josie Holmbrecht (GRC)-MAA’s statement regarding OTC hearing aids- #2 & #3-90 minutes 
  • Supporting Documents: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3iTKiJfdRmVcnJRWmxVNmtwN0E
  •  http://www.audiology.org/publications/over-counter-otc-hearing-devices
  •  http://www.asha.org/News/2017/ASHA-Position-Statement-on-Policy-Related-to-Over-the-Counter-Hearing-Aids/  
  •  http://www.hearingreview.com/2016/12/ada-announces-support-otc-hearing-aid-act-2016/
  • 4.      Dr. Jennifer Reside with group participation-discuss budget
  • a.      the role of the board,
  • b.      role of the committee chairs,
  • c.       role of the treasurer
  • d.      Where does the budget come from for the conference?
  • e.      Importance of getting the committee budgets to the treasurer
  • 5.      Dr. Reside with group-Liaison job duties
  • 6.      Dr. Reside & Nic-Finding a place to house all of the forms, handbook, etc for all to see (some kind of cloud system)
  • 7.      Adding adverts to the web site for sponsors to give them more incentive.  Dr. Coverstone will not be at the meeting, but I think it was discussed that the sponsorship committee would take this on.  Any other suggestions?
  • 8.      How do we improve member and manufacturer engagement?
  • 9.      Mary Richter-scholarship, fundraiser, audiology awareness opportunity with Kare 11.
  • 10.   Nic-calendar for the web site
  • 11.   Thoughts on changing the annual conference to every other year?- CE committee.  Dr. Mucci will not be attending.

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