Dr. Victor Bray has a 40+ year audiology career including clinical services, R&D with clinical trials of new amplification devices, and senior administration in industry and academia, all supported with extensive presentations and publications. He is a tenured Associate Professor and former Dean of Salus University Osborne College of Audiology. His current research interests include comorbidities in audiological medicine and the expanding and important role of audiology in public health. He was a three-time president of the Scott Haug Foundation, founding chair of the Audiology Academy within the National Academies of Practice, and president of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.

Dr. John A. Coverstone has been practicing across the profession of audiology for 26 years. As a founding member of Audiology Practice Standards Organization, he worked to build, establish, and incorporate the organization from an idea shared with other forward-thinking colleagues. Dr. Coverstone served as the founding president of APSO and continued after his term as the executive director, where he manages daily operations and facilitates standards development for all working groups.

Dr. Lindsey Jorgensen is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of South Dakota, where she teaches, conducts research, and provides clinical services in the area of hearing aids and hearing assistive technology. Her research focuses on how to best personalize hearing technologies for patient individual cognitive, psychological, physical, and social needs. Dr Jorgensen obtained her BS at the University of Washington, and completed her MA, AuD, and PhD at the University of Pittsburgh. She is usually juggling these activities with raising her two children, Gunnar and Teagan, with her husband, Kyle.

Dr. Michelle Novak is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of North Dakota. She primarily teaches undergraduate courses related to the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms and aural rehabilitation. In addition, she teaches Speech-Language Pathology graduate students and serves as an advisor for their master’s level research projects. She is a provider at UND’s Northern Prairie Community Clinic where she offers diagnostic audiologic evaluations and hearing aid services.

Dr. Jennifer Tunnell is a founding member of APSO and past president. She recently engaged in providing subject matter expertise for the pediatric hearing aid fitting standard and regularly volunteers for PASC exam writing and review. Dr. Tunnell served on the scientific workgroup reviewing cCMV for addition to Minnesota’s newborn screening panel. She currently serves on the working group for implementation of the newly approved universal cCMV screening in Minnesota. She enjoys precepting audiology externs each year and is grateful have practice standards for students to adopt as they transition from theory to practice.
  Dr. Gail M. Whitelaw is an audiologist, clinical associate professor, and Clinic Director at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Dr. Whitelaw is also the audiology faculty member on the LEND grant, a maternal and child health training grant, and has been for the past two decades. She has a broad range of clinical interests including pediatrics, tinnitus assessment and management, and suprathreshold auditory disorders. She provides direct patient care and also precepts AuD students in clinical rotations. Dr. Whitelaw teaches courses on tinnitus and hyperacusis, auditory processing disorders, ethics and evidence, and professional issues in audiology.

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